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Why is Telfast now in a purple pack?

Published on July 29, 2019

Why is Telfast now in a purple pack?

Why is Telfast now in Purple Packaging?

Telfast is committed to helping allergy sufferers find the right solution for their needs. We know that the allergy section in stores can often feel overwhelming, with a sea of white, green and blue packs looking back at you from the shelves.

Telfast’s new purple packs are designed to overcome this by standing out on shelf, so you can Tell Fast, It’s Telfast!

Has the product changed?

No, the Telfast products have not changed. We are continuing to use the same fast acting, non-drowsy formula.

How can I identify my normal Telfast?

In Telfast’s previous packaging there were different colours used on each pack according to the product’s strength. In the new purple packs these colours haven’t changed, so if you previously used Telfast in the white and green box, you can easily find the same formula now, by looking for the purple and green box.

Refer to the handy chart below to see the previous and new packs!

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

Learn about which Telfast product may be appropriate for you.



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